16th Honorarium

16th Honorarium

Jun 2013 - Jul 2013

16th Honorarium Celebration for Dr. Bernard Kimble

Senior Pastor of The Mount Olive Baptist Church of Shreveport

There is enthusiasm in the air as The Mount Olive Baptist Church of Shreveport makes plans to celebrate the 16th Honorarium of Dr. Bernard Kimble, Senior Pastor. God has truly blessed Mount Olive with a visionary leader who has no problem “Moving Forward Bridging The Gap In The 21st Century”. This is but one of the reasons why we are excited to show our love and appreciation to him for the things he has done.

If you know Pastor Kimble then you should have no problem agreeing with us that he is a man who follows the leadership of God and anything God says, he believes. For he is “A man of God whose faith follows, walking after the lion of Judah”. He is also a man of God who works hard in making sure that the orders of God are carried out among His people, and that a Spirit of Excellence is always demonstrated. Truly he is a man worthy of double honor for the work he is doing.

On the heels of many great leaders who has come before him, Dr. BERNARD KIMBLE hasbeen instrumental in the past 16 years of certainly innovatively bringing this ministry to a 21st Century level through tireless hours of hard work, fasting and prayer. During his tenure God blessed Mt Olive with many new souls through baptism, restoration and letter. Dr. Bernard Kimble visionary leadership has also allowed God to expand the ministry of Mt Olive Baptist Church of Shreveport by developing over 17 new ministries. Those ministries include Greeters, Shabach Praise Team, Quarterly Newsletter, Men’s Discipleship and Stewards just to name a few.

Of course, this years’ Honorarium celebration certainly will not fall short of anyone’s expectation. The celebration kicks off Thursday, June 27, 2013, 7pm, where the Pastoral Care Committee will host the opening of the Honorarium Celebration. The special guest will be Bishop Larry L. Brandon of Praise Temple FG Cathedral.

On Sunday, July 7, 2013, 8am, the celebration continues with Dr. Terrance Trammell and The Greenwood #1 THE LIGHT. 11am Pastor Robert Canada and Mt Sinai Baptist Church will bring the Word from God to bless our hearts and bring the celebration to a close.

Please don’t allow yourself to miss out on such a great event.

Remember, the next time you send out a Halleluiah shout after a powerful message from Pastor Kimble, let it be a reminder to you to commit to joining us in celebrating his 16th Honorarium as we show our appreciation to him for all of the great work he has done unto the Lord.

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